Re-Sew by Clothyard Fabrics


Re-Sew by Clothyard Fabrics

What is it?

Re-Sew is a program designed to support community re-use of perfectly good fabric.

Program Purpose:

The primary and most important goal of the Re-Sew program is to make available a selection of quality un-used and preowned fabric to our sewing and quilting community with a cost that is more attainable for everyone.

The program is also designed to provide an avenue for sewists and others to clear out fabric they otherwise would not use.

The added benefit of reducing and “recycling” textile goods so they have a usable function is a wonderful by-product of the Re-Sew program.

Why would Clothyard want to offer pre-owned fabric?

Clothyard Fabrics is a true modern fabric store that is and will continue to be built around new goods retail, We do, however, think it is important to have Re-Sew as a small portion of our store offerings.

In addition to the program’s true purpose, Re-Sew will be a much more eclectic selection of more budget-friendly fabric for our sewists. Because we are such a modern shop that stays absolutely true to our own individuality and personality as a store, our new goods selections can be limiting for someone searching for an alternative fabric style. The Re-Sew section will offer a full variety of fabric designs and styles based on what other sewists bring in.

Re-Sew by Clothyard Fabrics: Q&A

What will I receive in exchange for the fabric I bring in for the Re-Sew program?

You will receive a Clothyard Fabrics store credit of between $1 & $2 per yard. Store credit can be used for any purchases made in the store and is good for 1 full year from the issue date.

What are the fabric requirements?

            -100% quilting cotton

-Both selvedge edges must be fully intact

-The fabric must be a minimum of 1 yard in length

-The piece cannot have any odd cuts

-No odors of ANY kind

-No blemishes, stains, tears, holes, etc.

-Fabric must be pressed

Do I need to pre-wash my fabric before bringing it in?

No. Fabric can be unwashed or pre-washed. If your fabric is slightly musty or has any other odors from long-term storage, we recommend washing it so it will be odor-free and accepted into the Re-Sew program. Please press your fabric before exchanging.

Why do you only accept a minimum of 1 yard and no scraps?

We want to be sure we have as much turnover of our Re-Sew selection as possible. By providing a minimum full yard of each fabric it ensures the fabric can be used for a multitude of projects, making it more usable. Our space is too limited to offer scraps at this time.

Why do I have to press my fabric?

Clothyard Fabrics is not an actual re-sale store. Because our business is and continues to be new goods, the Re-Sew program will have to be managed while conducting our primary business. We do not have the resources to sort, cut, or press fabric to get it ready for packaging. The Re-Sew program will run most efficiently with these requirements.

Will the Re-Sew program accept donations?

Absolutely, Unlike the required preparation for fabric that is exchanged for store credit, donated fabric may be brought in other forms and sizes. Please ensure that it is primarily 100% quilting cotton. We will accept donated fabric in bags, boxes, etc. We currently have the capacity to process these donations. We will sort through and prepare the qualifying fabric for the Re-Sew program. Please note, we will donate or offer for free any fabric that does not fit the current program requirements.

Will you purchase bulk lots of fabric or pay cash for fabric?

No. Re-Sew is designed with the purpose of providing our customers a place to exchange unwanted but usable fabric for store credit which they can then apply to items that they will be able to use, and to provide a wide selection of more economically priced fabric to the sewing community.

Will you offer a higher price per yard for newer fabric?

Our Re-Sew selection’s purpose is to provide fabric that is more attainable for all sewists. Because of this, we will only be able to offer the above pricing for any 100% quilting cotton that is brought into the store for exchange.

Why not just donate fabric that is brought in to you?

Our Re-Sew program is designed to provide an affordable selection of quality pre-owned fabrics in a usable quantity and condition. We want to offer our customers something in return for the fabric that is just sitting in their closet never to be used. There are plenty of wonderful donation-based stores near us, and we are a fully operating new retail goods store, with no desire to get into the “resale” business.

We take the time to inspect, measure, prepare and repackage all Re-Sew fabrics that are brought in for exchange. The fabrics are then offered at a price that allows for us to start, maintain and continue to administrate this program. Although this program is not our primary business, we are a for-profit business, and just like a not-for-profit business, we still have to make enough profit to pay for the expenses incurred by operating this program. This “gross profit” covers the building expenses, utilities, marketing costs, packing materials, and most importantly, our staff. This program is going to be super fun, but it can’t happen if it doesn’t pay for itself.